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Interested in the Next Beginner Series?

Periodically progressive beginner series classes are offered.  The next beginner series will be around January in the middle of the day on Saturdays.   

This is a great way to enter the world of tango.  The series is designed to give you the basic tools you need to feel comfortable on the social dance floor.  Topics typically covered: Musicality, embrace, posture, walking, ochos, molinetes, crosses, contra-body, basic patterns.  At the end of each beginner series there is a welcome party to warming welcome the class to a milonga.    Although the beginner series is a drop in class and you can join at any time it is strongly recommended that those starting out attend all of the classes.  Dancers of any level looking to improve there fundamentals are welcome to attend.

There are regular beginner friendly classes on Fridays and Sundays.  You are welcome to attend one or both.

Most men lead in tango and most women follow in tango. However the role is not decided by gender. This question helps balance leads and follows.
Do you have a dance partner? Note, partners are not required. Partners can dance with each other or dance rotate partners in the class.

We will reach out to you when the next beginner series is scheduled.

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